A Stargazer Cheatsheet

September 3, 2014    cheatsheet rstats stargazer

Updated 01/28/2015

I have released a cheatsheet for the R package stargazer. Stargazer, created by Marek Hlavac, simplifies the process of making well-formatted regression and summary statistics tables. I decided to make this cheatsheet after seeing the version Zev Ross made for ggplot2. And I should also mention that there are several other useful cheatsheets created by Garrett Grolemund at RStudio. He has cheatsheets for Data Wrangling, R Markdown, and Shiny.

Thank you to Marek for a great package and to Garrett and Zev for their inspiration!

Following Zev’s lead, I have setup a quick dataset and I then run through iterations of code and the resulting stargazer output.


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